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Make Money online with Propeller Ads - AJIRANET 2022


Propeller Ads - AJIRANET 2022
Propeller Ads - AJIRANET 2022

Make Money online with Propeller Ads - AJIRANET 2022

Propeller Ads is an advertising company that pays people who own blogs and websites to place their ads on a CPM (Cost Per Thousand Visits) basis. This is a company that does not have conditions like other companies. And you will make a lot of money if you have traffic from the USA, South Africa, Canada and the UK. Here are the South African groups.

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It accepts in any language in the world even if you have 1 post or not you will be able to join Propeller Ads, You will join on the same day and be accepted on the same day. Currently, Propeller Ads want sites with Custom domains, that is, with .com, .net, .tk,, etc. You will be able to receive your money through bank wire transfer, Payoneer and Paypal


All ads are not visible on the blog or website, but if someone clicks on any part of your blog, a second page of ads will open, so don't worry if you see ads not visible on your blog. How to make money with Propeller Ads,

This company has five types of ads.

1. Smart link (Direct ads)

 It is a type of advertisement that is placed on any image or word, so if you click on the word or image, another page will open in your browser.

2. Onclick (Popunder)

 It is a type of advertisement that if you touch any part of the blog or website, another page with advertisements will automatically open in your browser

3. Interstitial

 These are the type of ads that cover the entire page. Until u-close you can read

4. Native subscriptions

 This is a type of advertisement that when you open a blog or website with this advertisement, it opens in the upper right corner of your browser

5. Banner

These are the types of ads that have an image system but are invisible. You can put any section on your blog.

The best ads are Native subscriptions and Smart links. Use Native subscriptions are very good. But if you want to click across chap chap use Interstitial and Onclick (Popunder).

How to join PropellerAds step by step. Make Money online with Propeller Ads

1. Log in to the PropellerAds website. At the top right of your browser, click Sign Up

2. Another page will open in your browser. Click SIGN UP on I'm A Publisher

3. On Sign Up (Fill in your details below to get started). Set individual as an account type. Fill in the necessary information. Then click Submit your form. Make sure you enter real information with an active email.

4. Log in to your email and click on Verify account

6. Enter your password with 8 digits including words, numbers, and writing symbols like @,!. mabula5@. then click Finish and log in. Remember your email is your Username.

7. On the PropellerAds Account. Click Sites >>> Add site. Enter the URL of your blog or website. Make sure your blog url has a custom domain such as .com, .tk, .net, etc.

8. On the Website domain, enter the blog or website url to get meta tags  


1. Go to Profile Settings. There you will be able to change your information and submit it again.

2. Change the password. At the top right of your browser in the Profile Setting at the bottom you will see Password change, click there to change the password


This is a very important step in placing ads so that you can get paid. Here you will be given a meta tag and code and you will be able to put them on your blog or website to start getting paid. This is the time to make money with propeller ads.

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