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How to make money with Telegram and Other Affiliate Program


Telegram and Other Affiliate Program
Telegram and Other Affiliate Program

How to make money with Telegram and Other Affiliate Program

      Amazon : The first solution that I recommend you consider to get a Telegram channel is to register on Amazon, which allows you to promote the sale of products and services available on the online shopping platform and earn a small commission for each product sold.

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Before explaining how to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program, you should know that this system allows you to earn money even if sales are made. 24 hours after you have clicked on the affiliate link and for products other than the guaranteed one. To better understand, let's take a practical example: if you are promoting the sale of a mobile phone and a user opens his affiliate link, without completing the purchase of the product immediately, the click will remain in the "memory" for 24 hours and he will also receive a commission if the respective user makes a purchase , in 24 hours, television or any other product sold on Amazon.

Regarding earnings, applicable commissions vary depending on the type of product purchased. When selling a music CD, a 5% commission is charged on the product price, while for electronics there is a 3.5% commission.

With that, you are ready to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program. Therefore, connect to the official website of the service (from mobile phones and tablets, it is necessary to select the option Log in to the desktop website ), press the button Register now for free and enter your Amazon account information in the field Email address or number of mobile phone y password. If you don't already have an account, my guide on how to sign up for Amazon might be helpful.

For this step, enter all the required information in the section Account Information, List of websites and mobile applications y profile and press the button Complete your registration, creating your Amazon affiliate account.

Once this is done, enter the names of the products you intend to promote on your television, in the field Keyword or ASIN / ISBN submit on the main page of your account and select the option Get a link related to the product or product category that interests you, to create an Amazon affiliate link.

Please note that you can also connect from Amazon partners from mobile phones and tablets: this time, however, there is no program dedicated to the affiliate program and you must continue to use the browser installed on your device (for example. chrome on Android and journey on iOS / iPadOS).

After creating links to the Amazon products you want to promote, just start Telegram, find the previously created channel and enter the link in question in the Message field (from PC it is Spread the message ). To see the number of clicks on links and manage your earnings, you can access the section to report your Amazon affiliate account.
Other solutions to win with the Telegram channel

If you want to increase your income and not just promote the sale of products and services available on Amazon, you will be happy to know that there are other affiliate programs that you can consider. Here I leave some solutions to win with Telegram through parties that may be right for you.

    eBay : The eBay Affiliate Network is an eBay affiliate program that allows you to promote the sale of items found on the popular online shopping site. For any purchase made within 24 hours of clicking on the affiliate link of the ad in the Buy Now mode and for every bid on the auction within 24 hours of clicking the relevant link and winning within 10 days, a commission is recognized that varies by product sold (for example, for items in the category Clothing, shoes and accessories. one is recognized 5% commission on the sale price).

    Apple : Apple's affiliate program allows you to promote the sale of subscriptions to Apple Music and content available in the iTunes Store, such as books, songs and movies (for apps, the app is no longer available). For each successful sale within 24 hours of clicking on the affiliate link, a Commission of 7% on videos and books and 2.5% on music tracks.

    TiketiOne : for being a partner of TiketiOne and promoting ticket sales for music and entertainment events, a commission of 1.10 euros for each resulting sale.

    Skyscanner : is an affiliate system of popular websites to find cheap flights, book hotels and rent cars. Every time a visitor is directed to one of Skyscanner's partner sites, the latter receives a commission: if the referral is through an affiliate link, 50% of this commission is recognized (equivalent to about 0,35 euros ).

After registering with the affiliate program of your interests and creating affiliate links for the product you intend to promote, it will be important to know that what you have to do is to share the links in question on your Telegram channel, as I explained in the paragraphs dedicated to Amazon.

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