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How to Make Money Online Through Telegram App.

Make Money Online Through Telegram App
Make Money Online Through Telegram

How to Make Money Online Through Telegram App.

This method has already helped people make up to $91 per month.
It is clear that as the days go by the ways of making money online have become more and more, this is coming out with various new types of technology that can be invented by people to make life easier, the short is that the more technology is the more people also think of different ways to use that technology in helping them lead a life.

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Seeing this today I am going to give you an idea or you can call tricks that can help you make money through the Telegram network. This method is easy and does not require any kind of knowledge and anyone can do it using a phone or even a computer.

Since I know you are busy, let me go directly. If you remember I have shown how to create a link shortening website through blogger, the website is completely free to create using your mobile phone.

After creating this website you can now continue by entering the bitly website and creating an account, you can also use the app to make things a little easier.

After that, now proceed by creating a telegram channel, make sure that it is a channel and not a group. Through that channel you can put various links for people to download movies or other things that are important, make sure you put information in Kiswahili so that visitors can easily know what those links are related to.

If you post movie links through your channel, make sure you also post youtube links with the relevant movie trailer. YouTube links via telegram are shown inside telegram so one can watch the trailer before downloading the relevant movie.

When you want to put a link to download a movie, make sure you use the website to shorten the link you created through blogger (through the video above), then shorten the link again using the bitly app. By using that method you will be able to make money through telegram through the Google Adsense network.

This method is working for many people at the moment and until I write this post, one person who has done this method since October 2nd has now been able to make $91 per month using this method.

In short, this method is possible to help you make money online without having any website other than having a blogger, also remember that you need to find followers that you can find easily through other telegram groups. To make your link shortening website accepted in advertisements quickly and easily you can create a custom .COM domain

If there is also a difficulty for you then we can help you but through this method it is important to have a hosting where you will be able to create a site with Google ads and next to it there will be this link shortening site that you can continue to use to make money through Telegram.

If you want more help make sure you contact us through here, or if you have questions or where you are stuck then make sure you write those questions through the comment section below.

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