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How to sell on Telegram - Ajiranet 2022

Telegram - Ajiranet 2022
Telegram - Ajiranet 2022

How to sell on Telegram

If you have items you want to get rid of, selling on Telegram is another legitimate way to make money with the popular messaging app. In fact, there are bots and Telegram groups that allow you to send marketing ads and start a private conversation with any buyer interested in your products.
How to make money with Telegram bots

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If you are looking for the best telegraph bots to send marketing announcements, start Telegram, go to the conversation section, enter your username @VendoComproSchange_bot in the field Search message or users, above, and tap the bot in question.

On the new screen that appears, press the button to start, select the option I agree and press the button Insert ad, to create your first sales ad. Once this is done, follow the instructions on the screen and enter the title of your ad and the description of the product you intend to sell in the message field.

After that, choose if you want to enter the price, Pressing one of the available options between yes y no, specify your contact information (important to start the sale of the personal form) choose between a telephone number, e-mail y Nickname Telegraph and, if you want, upload any image of the product Finally press the button yes, to send your ad.

The latter will be published on Vendo Compro Scambio, the Telegram channel related to the bot in question. Users interested in your copy will be able to contact you at the address indicated when creating the ad and you can manage the sale privately. It will help you to know that when you start the bot again and select the option My Ads You will be able to see and manage your lists.
How to make money with Telegram groups

for winning and Telegram groups When sending sales announcements, launch the messaging program first, go to the chat section and, in the search field above, enter words like » business market «,» sales ads «,» sell online » Eg, looking for groups on Telegram dedicated to sales announcements.

After identifying the groups that interest you, tap on your name and click on the join option, join the group in question and start posting your ads. At this point, all you have to do is read the rules of the group, if any, where you can find all the information you need to enter the ad successfully.

Once this is done, enter your marketing message in the message field, specify the contact details and press the button now, to send your ad. Simple, right?

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