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How to Join and Get Accepted by Google Adsense in AjiraNet 2022

Google Adsense in AjiraNet 2022
Google Adsense in AjiraNet 2022

Get Accepted by Google Adsense in AjiraNet 2022

Google Adsense is an advertising company that is used to pay people with a Forum, Blog App (Admod is for Apps but it is a Google Adsense company) or Website through advertisements. After joining Adsense, it will give you a code and you will put it on your blog or website, so ads will start appearing on the site.

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Before you are given the code to put on your blog or website, Google Adsense will go through your blog or website to check and they will spend 24 or 36 hours. You will use the postal box (PO.BOX) to receive the Google Adsense Pin and then you will verify it on your Google Adsense website. If someone clicks on the ad, you will be able to get paid using the CPM system (cost per thousand visits) and you will be able to receive your money through Western Union, Paypal, or Bank wire transfer if you have a lot of money.

Download Postcode-TZ is very important when filling your information on Google Adsense. Make money online with Google Adsense


- Use Themes like Page or Level press

- Before the article put an ad, in the middle put an ad and at the end put an ad

- Use Ad inserter to place an ad at the beginning, at the end and WP quads to place in the middle (These are for Wordpress for blogspot, go to YouTube, there are many tutorials

- Share on social media like Facebook, Twitter and others


- Try to have Page ctr below or equal to 15. And make sure you have enough traffic. The advertisement after opening the articles should start after the first paragraph and the total of all advertisements should be 25%.

Therefore, place an ad where until someone touches it, they will have spent 30 or 45 seconds. CTR is the time the ad is placed and people click on it to make an impression

You will have already made a sufficient impression, so you will have a CTR of 2%. There you will not be locked

- Don't click Adsense ads yourself, you will be blocked, let people click them themselves and don't ask people to click ads because you will be blocked soon. Even if

- Do not mix adsense with propeller because you will be blocked if you want to mix it in Propeller, use Direct link ads only

- Don't buy traffic


- Write niches with high CPC and target for the whole world.

- Place your ads well

- Write based on keywords with high CPC


- Do not buy a Google Adsense account for anyone because you will be blocked at any time

These are important things that will help you join Google Adsense and get accepted quickly

1. Make sure you have written your content in English (It is mandatory). You can write about the issues of Health, Technology, Employment, etc. If you post job advertisements, change the title but make sure you don't lose the meaning. If you use a language other than English you will not be accepted by Google Adsense.

2. Make sure your content is original, i.e. don't copy and paste from other blogs or websites. Make sure your content is original and avoid sexual content, using abusive language, defaming someone, writing about hacking and crack software, etc. May your posts solve people's problems. Copying and pasting will make some of your posts invisible on the Google search engine through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and you won't be able to accepted by Google Adsense. How to know a blog or website has content to copy and paste

3. Make Menu bar at least 4 or 5 and sub menu bar also if you have many things to write

4. Your posts should be at least 25 or more. Post at least 25 posts within 3 days or more and make sure there are 25

5. Enter the features of About, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, terms and conditions and Contact us

How to write and set Terms & conditions, Disclaimer and policies. Visit the websitepolicies. For more information download this video

6. Install a template that is premium to bring attention to your website. To buy a template visit here Gooyaabitemplates

7. Set a custom domain if possible, I advise you to take a .com (Does not exceed 13 dollars per year). You will be able to get a domain for USD 1 if you search for Google Domain Coupons. Enter the coupon you will find on the Godaddy Promo Code website. Log in to Godaddy if you fail, take a free one like .tk, .ga, .ml. How to get a free custom domain for free and link to your blog

- If you apply for Google Adsense using a custom domain .com, .tk, .ml etc. you will be given non-hosted which will work from blogspot and Wordpress

- If you apply for Google Adsense for blogspot ( or wordpress ( you will be given a hosted account whose ads will appear on blogspot and wordpress only.

8. Remove Facebook, Twitter, Blog archive, Instagram, Email me, and other ads that are not necessary on your blog

9. Your blog should be at least one month old

If you are accepted by Adsense and you place ads, it will take a day or two before the ads will appear on the blog.

If you are accepted by Adsense, if you place ads, it will take a day or two before the ads will appear on your blog or website.

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