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How to Create a Blog (Website) for Free - AjiraNet 2022

Step by Step How to Create a Blog (Website) for Free.
Step by Step to Create a Blog for Free

Step by Step How to Create a Blog (Website) for Free.

Opening a blog is free and there is no payment of any kind. You can create a blog using a phone, computer or tablet.

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Important things to note in blog.

You have to use a unique name that when someone searches for the name of the blog, it should be the first because this will make it easier for readers to find your blog easily through the name. No one searches for the name of the blog, about 100 names come up and then even the name of your blog does not appear. At first I used the name agatha64 but if you search on Google my blog does not appear so I used agath64a. Before creating your blog, go to Google and then type the name you want to use. This helps because if you tell someone else to go to my agath64a blog, you will see a post about creating a blog. If you come across 100 names of people, it will be difficult to find your blog.

Step by Step How to make a website/blog (Web)

1. You must have a Gmail email to be able to create a blog or if you have an email it must be active. Log in to the Gmail website to create an email

2. Enter the website and then Sign up so you can create a blog. It will open a page like the one in the image below. Click on create your blog and it will ask you for an email. Enter email and password

3. Title: Enter the name of your blog (write any name you think is appropriate). Make sure the name is not available or has never been used in creating a blog. Enter a Name that is easy for your readers to find your blog

Address: Write the name of your blog, for example, make sure the name on the address is not the same as the name of the address of any other blog in the world. Make sure that if you search the name of your blog it will appear by itself

Themes: Choose any you see fit. Then click the Create blog button. Then you will have finished creating your blog. And it will look like this

How to change the name of your blog (website).

After creating your blog, you can change any name you want, but after changing it, you cannot return the original name. You can change the blog title and address at any time. Log in to your website, settings then click Basic, Title >>> Edit. Blog Address Edit

How to delete a blog temporarily (for a while) or permanently (all the time). Before deleting your blog, you are advised to backup your posts first. Remember if you delete your blog permanently it will not come back and you cannot use that name again to create another blog.

1. Log in to your blog. Click on settings then Other. Click Delete Blog

How to edit Profile on your blog

Log in to your blog. Click Settings then User settings. Click on User Profile then Edit

How to write an article and post it on your blog

1. Log in to your Blog. Click on Posts then New Post

2. After you finish writing. Click Labels to choose which part your post wants to stay according to the topic. You can separate your posts according to the topics themselves, such as Computer, Modem and Software. Then click Done. Click Publish and your post will appear on your blog

How to put a Link (Url) on your blog post

Highlight the word you want to link to. Then Click the Link. In Web Address, enter your url. Check Open file in a new window if you want it to open in a new window

How to change / convert your blog into an application for android apk and iPhone IOS for free without having any knowledge

1. Log in to the Go native website. Enter the URL of your blog, for example Then click Build >>

2. Where should we send the link? Enter your email and then click build my app!. Wait about 5 minutes your app will be ready

3. Log in to your email and click the link as shown in the picture so that you can download your app

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