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The Best 10 Ways in Tanzania 2022: To Make Money Online $10 Daily

The Best 10 Ways in Tanzania 2022: To Make Money Online
Best Ways To Make Money Online

The Best 10 Ways in Tanzania 2022: To Make Money Online $10 Daily.
Many people do not believe that you can make money online. There are people making USD 2000 per month which is a lot of money. If you are an internet user, it is the right time to make money online.
How To Make Money Online so as to increase daily income in Tanzania 2022.
- Looking the following ways;


Remember when you will be asked if you have a relative, relative or friend who works in advertising companies? If you answer yes, the business has ended there because you will not have qualified. You should answer No. These websites are 100% sure. Their two types in this survey;

A. PREMISE; This is one of the best sites to make money by survey and you can withdraw your money through M-pesa or Tigo-pesa. Download Premise apk and install it on your phone and then fill in the required details after that you will start doing tasks. If it asks for Location, open GPS on your phone.

Then you click on that task and then the word reserve will appear. If you click on reserve, it becomes yours for 8 hours. I advise you not to reserve a task before 12 am because you will be rejected.

B. GEOPOLL; This is also a survey site for making money online. Download Geopoll apk and install it on your phone then start making money.


If you invite someone, you get 2000 and the person you invite gets 1000. Download Spenn apk and install it on your phone.


This is also a survey site for making money online. Download Mobiworkx apk and install it on your phone then start making money


Log in to the Pillowbux website. Create an account and then start making money.


Blogging refers to writing, photography, and other media that's self-published online. Blogging started as an opportunity for individuals to write diary-style entries, but it has since been incorporated into websites for many businesses. In blogging you must ask yourself three questions, as follow, but will be discussed soon.

1. How to make a blog without any payment step by step

2. How to put a template on your blog. Although blogs have a default template, they are not good in appearance.

3. How to set a free custom domain for free on your blog

To be able to make money through blogging you must join Ad networks companies such as Google Adsense, Infolinks, Propeller and others.

You can place ads from two companies like Adsense and Propeller on your blog. But it is better if you use one company such as Propeller or Adsense,

i. Adsense. They pay for traffic from any country, but your content must be in English. How to be accepted by Google Adsense more easily. Join Google adsense now. How to get accepted by Google Adsense faster.

ii. PropellerAds. These have no conditions and they never block your blog or website and they allow any language. Propeller ads you join on the same day and you are accepted on the same day and it does not have any conditions and you do not close. Currently, Propeller accepts blogs with custom domains such as .com, .tk etc.

iii. Ad Now.

iv. Adsterra.

v. First.

v. Pinpoint Africa.

vii. Seebait.

viii. News.

Also on your blog or website you can enter an agreement with companies such as Vodacom, Tigo, Cocacola etc. to show their ads and they pay you even an individual can also advertise his business through your blog or website.

Remember that the basis of earning money through blogging is traffic, that is, visitors, so before struggling to find the right Ads Company, make sure you have enough traffic through social networks or SEO, and let it be pure traffic. You can share your blog to get visitors on social networks. Do not try to join an online scam through something called online investment, i.e. buying visitors or doing any tricks, because you will be banned. To make money online you have to calm your mind and realize what you have to do. Don't rush, think about what you want to do, do you want to write about news, health, employment, technology, music, movies or sell and buy things online? Dealing with one thing will help you write many articles, but if you mix things up, you will find yourself at a loss for what to write.

Making money online is very easy if you put your mind to creativity in writing articles, looking for traffic (visitors) and checking which company is good for advertising and which pays. Don't write by following a pattern. Calm your mind and focus on one thing if you are going to deal with health, employment, technology, etc


How to create a YouTube account and earn money through a YouTube channel


This is a site that is used to sell skills (Doing the work of various people online) according to your needs and preferences. One can search for a translator, lawyer, Dr, Technician etc

Freelancing websites are





This is a site that is used to promote people's products. You convince people to buy products, so once they buy, you are given a commission for every product they buy.


Here you will be able to write articles for people on their blogs or websites based on keywords that are widely used in the Google search engine (SEO). There are so many people who need to be written but don't know where to start. A good way to promote yourself is on social networks like Facebook, Quora, Twitter, Jamii Forum etc

You will get the money you made online through Payoneer, Paypal, Wire Transfer and Western Union, you don't have to have a bank account to be given your money.

10. Other


This offers free phone vouchers like Vodacom, TCCL, and Halotel if you join. You can also create a link that if everyone uses that link to download and joins, you will be given 1000 for everyone who joins the Dent app. Download Dent apk and install it on your phone to get free vouchers.

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